Who is ITP?

The International Tourism Partnership (ITP) provides a non-competitive platform for hotel industry leaders to share ideas, build relationships and work collaboratively to make this one of the world’s most responsible industries. Whilst demonstrating value to members is top priority, ITP exists for a whole host of people and organisations beyond its membership, collaborating and brokering relationships between businesses, industry-associations, non-profit organisations, campaigners, suppliers and academics.

Who can use this training platform?

This training platform is focussed on the hotel industry but is open and relevant to any and all organisations operating in the tourism sector.

How can I access the training modules?

To access the training modules, simply write to itptraining@bitc.org.uk. We will take you through a few quick steps to purchase access to the training online or the training files. ITP members have access to all training modules on the platform free of charge.

Training modules price and terms for access

ITP members have access to all training modules on the platform free of charge.

For organisations that aren’t members of ITP, access to the training platform can be purchased for a fee. The cost of access to the training platform is dependent on the size of your organisation. A detailed cost overview will be available soon.

Can I integrate the training modules into an existing Learning Management System?

Yes, the training modules can be hosted on an existing Learning Management System with ITP’s permission.

Can I share the training modules within my organisation?

ITP will provide access codes and/or training files for companies, rather than to individual users. The company will then be able to provide access to all its employees.

What is Modern Slavery?

Modern Slavery can take many forms including the trafficking of people, forced labour, servitude and slavery. Children (those aged under 18) are considered victims of trafficking, whether or not they have been coerced, deceived or paid to secure their compliance. They need only have been recruited, transported, received or harboured for the purpose of exploitation. It is an international crime and a global problem that transcends age, gender and ethnicity. More information on how this affects the hotel sector can be found on our main website.

Using the training platform

Will additional training modules become available?

Yes, additional training modules will be made available as they are developed.

Will I receive a certificate after I have completed the training modules?

Yes, you will receive an individual e-certificate (PDF) upon successful completion of the training modules.

Will the training modules be made available in other languages?

Currently the training modules are only offered in English. ITP are working to make the training modules available in other languages.

Where can I provide feedback?

Email us at itptraining@bitc.org.uk or fill out the contact form here.